A Charitable Meme Token To Help All Doge


After all the hype on dog tokens and their insane gains, $FOGE has managed to live an excessive life. As a result of having access to an endless amount of food, he has become just a bit… bulky. But is there anything to stop him? Will this dog manage to take one more bite? You bet he will! Join us on the feast and watch the doge grow fat.

Surprise new utility feature coming to $FOGE very soon.


Our grandfather, the esteemed Doge Coin, was born in the vacuous expanse of the Meme Desert of Crypto World in 2013. By the time Doge was born, Crypto World was going through a revolution of sorts, with the king of the world, Bitcoin, dominating the market, while the leader of the King’s Cavalry at that time, Litecoin, was also gaining momentum. However, after just one-year, Litecoin was replaced by a newborn hero, Ethereum, which many people in the crypto world thought would one day grow big enough to dethrone the king. But this story is not about these arrogant coins, rather, it’s the story of how Doge sparked a revolution that has reverberated throughout history ever since he was born.

Since the birth of Dodge Coin, the crypto world has grown from an empty wasteland to a blossoming oasis of thousands of coins. The meme desert was once an irrelevant place far from the hustling bustling environment of Payment Coin City where Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum would dwell. Times are very different now ever since Papa Elon took Doge under his wing, and made Doge the president of the burgeoning Meme City. This city has turned into a radiant metropolis with meme coins like Shiba Inu, Hokk, and many others living and thriving under president Doge’s rule and Papa Elon looking over all of them with pride.

Doge was an unplanned child…. dare I say a bastard, who was born of a joke by his parents, the troll community, of which Papa Elon is no stranger. Doge grew up with resentment as everyone around him treated him like a joke, which made him more determined to succeed and take over, not only Meme City, but Crypto World itself. Doge worked his way up through the ranks slowly and steadily, until he caught the attention of Papa Elon who catapulted him to the top in very short order. Doge, in the course of his journey, had become selfish; his sole and unwavering focus was on his goal of Crypto World domination. He began to neglect his family who were never his priority, but his family was growing and had needs. The family suffered a lot but the most suffering was endured by his brother, Fat Doge.

Fat Doge wasn’t always fat, he was once small and called by a different name. However, he has been called Fat Doge for so long now that he doesn’t even remember his birth name, and neither does anyone else: especially his stuck-up elder brother. Fat Doge was celebrated at his birth unlike his brother. But as Fat Doge grew, the center of attention shifted from him to his brother Doge who was climbing up the ranks with the help of Papa Elon. Fat Doge adored Elon; but Elon never gave him the attention he craved. Drowning in his own discontentment, Fat Doge fell into a spiral of depression, and his way of coping with everything was eating his heart out. He kept eating and eating and eating, and his normal doge body kept growing and growing and growing to the point that he couldn’t even turn around to scratch his own back (though Papa Elon would scratch it from time to time if he wasn’t too busy trolling the plebs.).

The truly sad thing about the pain that Fat Doge was experiencing was that his brother Doge never even noticed. Doge was so focused on his goal of running Meme City that he never realized just how upset and enormous Fat Doge had become. This saddened Fat Doge even more as he still admired his brother, and Fat Doge was the only one who believed in Doge when he was a nobody. But after his rise, it felt to him that Doge had abandoned him. Through it all, he was never angry with Doge because he sincerely wanted his brother to succeed. Fat Doge was simply hurt and sad until things finally took a drastic turn for the worse. The Doge Coin community had grown so large that they conspired to take over all of Meme City.

Meanwhile, a group of people saw this and went to Fat Doge to ask for his help. They tried to convince him that he was the only one who could stop his brother from becoming a tyrannical dictator like Stalin Doge, Pol Pot Doge, or Jeff Bezos Doge. He listened to them and went to talk to his brother, but to his dismay, Doge laughed him off, calling him a fat good for nothing slob. This time he wasn’t heartbroken; he was furious. Fat Doge went back to the people and asked them to create a new community that would challenge the power of his elder brother and thus, the Fat Doge Coin community was born. He tried to inspire the residents of Meme City to rally behind him so he could challenge his brother, but to no avail.

It wasn’t until he met the underground community of reddit in the deep dungeons of the city that he found people who were ready to help him. This is the same community that had once fought for Doge, but seeing his association with Papa Elon and his twitter army, they abandoned Doge just as they had been abandoned by Doge for Robinhood and Binance. Fat Doge was now being supported by a whole community. All he needed was an ally at the top that could provide him with a network.

At the same time, in Payment Coin City, the capital of Crypto World, another civil war was brewing. Papa Elon had criticized king Bitcoin for being lousy and consuming too much electricity from the BTC miners of the north. Due to his criticism, the popularity of Bitcoin was waning, and Ethereum was quickly rising in the ranks and threatening King Bitcoin. This created a cold war at the top and both were at odds with each other. The cold war was escalating quite intensely, and to ease the tension, they both needed to fight a proxy war somewhere else, so they decided to escalate the conflict between the brothers in Meme City. Ethereum then became an ally to the Fat Doge giving him the network access to the high blockchain table that he needed. Doge was always backed by King Bitcoin, who thought of him as an honorable member of his empire, so he supported Doge in his efforts.

With heavy hearts, both brothers are now pitted against each other, and now all that is left to see is who wins the fight for dominance. Can Fat Doge really take on his brother? Or does he really want to? These are some of the burning questions of the crypto realm that can only be answered with time.

It’s time to choose a side.
Choose Life
Choose Decency
Choose Fat Doge